Apps I use to lose weight: Daily Yoga


The home screen

This is the first of a series of blog posts in which I write about apps and websites I use that (have) help(ed) me to lose weight.

The first one I wanted to write about is Daily Yoga, because I have been using it for half a year by now and am still incredibly happy with it. Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way, and really just my opinion about the app.

I have cut this review up in three parts, as I want to give you guys a general introduction on how the app works and give a bit more information about the free and premium version of the app.

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Fitbit HR review

As requested by one of my most trusty followers, I am providing you with a review of the Fitbit HR.


My parents gave me my Fitbit HR for Christmas and I now wear it day and night. I really love the Fitbit, but I will be honest: there is room for improvement both on the wristband and the app. So I have decided to make a list of the pro’s and con’s followed by a conclusion so you can yourself decide whether or not you will buy one.

The Pro’s:

The wristband itself is relatively comfortable, though I did have to get used to wearing it constantly. I have rather sensitive skin, so I am quite amazed that I have had n0 trouble with it, even though I wear it all the time. I opted for a black Fitbit so I could easily combine it with any outfit.

What I like most about the device is that there is a button which allows you to cycle through the most important stats, namely: Continue reading