Update on running and fatigue: it’s a rocky road

My regular readers will know that I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This morning I realised that I tend to write the majority of my blogposts during my days where I feel “ok” energy wise, because I do not really want people to catch my at my “low” points. I always try to mask it, so that the people around me (apart from those really close to me) don’t see me at my worst. But for the sake of honestly and openness, I am making an exception today. I am going to give you a peak into my struggle with chronic fatigue.

The past two weeks have been pretty rocky. I have had days where my enertiredgy levels have been “ok”, but for the most they have been pretty low. I have been having nightmares or really restless dreams, causing me to wake up even more tired in the morning.

Now, when I write “tired” I actually mean “exhausted”. Continue reading


Herbalife and Couch to 5k update

Well it’s high time I gave you guys an update on my experiences with Herbalife and the Couch to 5k app.

Although I have always been anti-shake, I am really, really glad I decided to give Herbalife a try. Honestly, it has made such a difference in my energy levels! Ever since I started on March 25, I have actually had days when I do not feel tired at all. And since I am someone suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that is MASSIVE!

Ok, it is not a miracle cure and I still have days where I am pretty damn low on energy, but those days have been far fewer than they used to be. Honestly, Herbalife has done more for me than the therapy sessions I received at the hospital.

Screenshot_20170709-105839Thanks to the shakes I have also been able to start running twice a week (see my post entitled “I will be a proud healthy tomato“). Continue reading

I will be a proud, healthy tomato!

After my last post in which I announced my intention to start training for the Disney run, my parents suggested that I get the shoes now rather than wait until September, so I have a bit more time to start training.

Although I had initially planned to buy the shoes after my trip to Galway, I decided last Friday that there was no point in waiting and popped into a sports store (recommended to me by a colleague) to buy my first ever pair of running shoes.

They measured my feet, had me bend through my knees a couple of times and made me run up and down the store a bit. Although I was convinced I would need shoes that would help with over-pronation (as I mentioned in my previous post, I have orthopaedics), the sales woman (and owner who she asked for advice) informed me that the over-pronation wasn’t as pronounced whilst running. They really didn’t see much of a difference between me and people who don’t have orthopaedics. So they advised me to buy neutral shoes and to come back after 4 weeks, so they could analyse the wear and tear of the shoes, in order to determine whether or not I would need insoles. Of course, they urged me to come back sooner if my ligaments started to hurt.

So I proudly present to you, my coral coloured Saucony Triumph ISO 3 Continue reading