About the blog

Hey there and thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Marjolein, or Mar for short. I am a 32 years old qualified digital archivist and PhD student living in The Netherlands. I live together with my wonderful fiancé and my two adorable cats named Biscuit and Pancake.


The black and white one is Pancake and the red and white one is Biscuit

About the blog

Although I have had personal blogs in the past, this one will be a bit different in that the main focus will currently lay on weight-loss. This does not mean, however, that I will not also blog about other topics which interest me or simply about daily life. I will definitely also write about fun outings, daily life, and perhaps even about my PhD.

Battling the kilo’s

So why a blog about weight loss? I have noticed in the past that when I blog about my diet it helps me to stick to it. After all, if I go for an unhealthy snack (or a full blow quarter pounder menu) or gain rather than loose weight, I will actually have to account to my lovely readers for this, and not just mentally to myself. So will this be a blog filled with glorious victories and rapid weight loss? If only! From past experiences I know that weight loss is a rocky road. I plan to share the ups and downs with you guys, in the hopes that you will enjoy reading about it, and that perhaps it may be off help to you if you are trying to loose weight yourself.