An old friend and lots and lots of writing

Last Saturday I met up with a wonderful friend who I am ashamed to say I had not seen for well over a year (possibly two years). I had really been looking forward to it. But due to a brain malfunction on my part, I had mixed up the date and arrived over an hour late, as I only discovered the mix-up after she had sent me a message that she had arrived at the agreed location and was waiting for me! :O

Now, let me tell you, I have an absolute abhorrence of being late and keeping people waiting. I literally have nightmares on a regular basis in which I cannot make it somewhere on time for the life of me… In those nightmares it for some inexplicable reason is impossible for me to leave the house, whilst the clock just keeps ticking on mercilessly as a lovely reminder that I am running later and later. So yes, this was a dream come true… I literally had a minor panic attack.

Thankfully, being the lovely person she is, she didn’t hold it against me at all and even tried to calm me down a bit. When I finally arrived, and after I had apologized profusely, we had a really good time chatting and doing some much needed catching up. It’s just so amazing how with some friends it feels like you have hardly been apart even though you have not seen each other for a long time. Continue reading