Confidence clothes and chronic fatigue syndrome

Apparently I have decided that I will fill my PhD-less Saturdays by writing my blog posts. As I am not allowed to do anything, whilst I have to get up at 7.15 (doctor’s orders), I have a lot of time on my hands those days… So it’s perfect for writing blogs! 😀

000dddb776263bf6760dcd7c8cdde7a9Last week has absolutely flown by. It started off really well on Sunday with a -0,5 kg (1,1 lbs) loss! Meaning I got down to 66,9 kg (147,5 lbs or 10,5 stone). Now I can honestly not remember the time that the scales indicated this number. I believe I was still in high school when I weight this much. So yes, it feels a little weird. I still cannot believe how fast it is going this time… And how low my weight has dropped. Honestly, during my previous attempts I aimed for 72 kg and did dream about getting back down to 68 kg, which was the weight I had during my first year of college. At the time though, that seemed unrealistic and unachievable… And now, I am 1 kg below that! Ha! Take that self-doubt! Let’s hope that I have maintained the weight this week, or that I have even managed to lose some more :D. It has been my monthly week of hell though, so I might have gained a little… We shall see tomorrow!

As I mentioned before most of my clothes have gotten way to big, which includes my old winter coat. So this Wednesday I dragged my dad along with me to look for the perfect coat. I really love to go shopping with both of my parents, but as my mom had a different appointment that day it was just me and my dad. My dad and I have very similar tastes and have the same pace when it comes to shopping, so he has been my go to shopping buddy for a long time. I also love that he is super honest when I ask him how something looks on me. Continue reading


Weight-loss update and new sleeping schedule

Apologies in the delay in posting. I had written the majority of this post on Sunday, but could not get around to finishing it as I was simply too tired. In this post I would like to give you guys a short update on my weight-loss, as well as a longer update on my experiences with my sleep psychiatrist.

It seems like my body really likes to stick around the 67.4 kg (or 148,5 lbs). Last week I managed to get down to 67,2, but due to a not so clever (or healthy) food choice on Saturday I was back at 67,4 on Sunday. To be honest, I am actually fine with this (not with the food choice though haha). True, I would ideally like to lose another 1,4 kg (or 3 lbs), but I am not really in a rush to do so. I already like the way I look and am really satisfied with my clothing size, so it’s all good. Continue reading

Munchies, fatigue and prepping for a trip to Disneyland Paris!

cartoon-guy-shaking-a-munchies-vending-machine-by-ron-leishman-1106I think that every single one of my readers has to deal with the battle of the munchies (some on a regular basis, others occasionally). Sometimes you come out as the absolute victor and sometimes the munchies just get the better of you. Unfortunately, dear readers, I have to confess that the munchies have won the battle this week… I had a 0,5 gain this morning.

So why the sudden gain? The past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy (see busy bee post for more background). As a result I have really been battling fatigue. When I talk about “battling fatigue” I don’t just mean that I feel a bit tired throughout the day. No, for me it’s unfortunately a lot more extreme.

Just one busy week can mean that I wake up shaking with fatigue when I have to get up at 5.45 to go to work. It means that everything takes more effort and I have to try really hard to concentrate at work. It also means that during the weekend I have days when I get cold and flu symptoms, because my body simply doesn’t know how to cope. My nose is clogged, I feel nauseous and I lose my voice. Sometimes I simply lose my voice without any of the other symptoms. I can get really emotional and just want to cry simply because I am so incredibly tired. I have days when I want to work on my dissertation, but I cannot because I either can’t take in the text that I am trying to read or have to forfeit writing because I cannot for the life of me formulate a proper sentence…. Continue reading

Week 14: size 38. Wait? Whut?!

strange-people-quotes-weight-loss_1As my pants were getting way to big for me and the belt I bought a month ago wasn’t really helping any more either, I decided it was high time to buy some new jeans on Saturday. Previously I had a EU size 42 (which is size 14 in the UK or 10 in the US ), and as I was pretty convinced I had only dropped one dress size, I reached out for a size 40 (12 UK or 8 US). As I put it on I was literally puzzled for a moment why it didn’t fit properly. Somehow it felt like it was slipping off my but a little bit. Was it too small then? It honestly took me a moment to realize that the pants were actually to big. I had too much space around the tummy area, which caused the jeans to slip down a little when I moved. Honestly, I was unsure what to do for a moment.

Was I really going to have to grab a size 38 (10 UK or 6 US)? There was no way in hell that was going to fit me. But, the size I currently had on was clearly to big. So there really was nothing for it, but to try a size 38. In my mind size 38 had always been for the skinny girls among us and I honestly couldn’t imagine myself ever getting to that size. The more so because I have pretty wide hips and a generous bosom. Continue reading