The jury has reached a verdict! First 2 weeks with Herbalife

Tomorrow I will have been using the Herbalife shakes for about 2 weeks and I am honestly wondering… where the hell was this stuff two years ago?Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lots of energy! I wasn’t expecting to notice any massive changes any time soon, but I actually have.

For one, it has been easier to get out of bed. I have not pressed the snooze button on my alarm once these past two weeks! I sometimes even wake up before the alarm goes off. And, ok it’s not like I jump out of bed, but I do not feel like I have to drag myself out of it, feet first, either.

The past two weeks have been pretty busy and I have been tired because of this, I have not had a total energy crash where all I can do is lay on the couch and feel tired. Last Sunday I even did a Just Dance session… I cannot remember the last Sunday I did some extra exercise, just because I felt like it. Ok… it probably was a combination of “I felt like it” and “I probably should after what I ate yesterday” ^__^”. So yes, I have definitely noticed a massive improvement in my energy levels. Continue reading


Confidence clothes and chronic fatigue syndrome

Apparently I have decided that I will fill my PhD-less Saturdays by writing my blog posts. As I am not allowed to do anything, whilst I have to get up at 7.15 (doctor’s orders), I have a lot of time on my hands those days… So it’s perfect for writing blogs! 😀

000dddb776263bf6760dcd7c8cdde7a9Last week has absolutely flown by. It started off really well on Sunday with a -0,5 kg (1,1 lbs) loss! Meaning I got down to 66,9 kg (147,5 lbs or 10,5 stone). Now I can honestly not remember the time that the scales indicated this number. I believe I was still in high school when I weight this much. So yes, it feels a little weird. I still cannot believe how fast it is going this time… And how low my weight has dropped. Honestly, during my previous attempts I aimed for 72 kg and did dream about getting back down to 68 kg, which was the weight I had during my first year of college. At the time though, that seemed unrealistic and unachievable… And now, I am 1 kg below that! Ha! Take that self-doubt! Let’s hope that I have maintained the weight this week, or that I have even managed to lose some more :D. It has been my monthly week of hell though, so I might have gained a little… We shall see tomorrow!

As I mentioned before most of my clothes have gotten way to big, which includes my old winter coat. So this Wednesday I dragged my dad along with me to look for the perfect coat. I really love to go shopping with both of my parents, but as my mom had a different appointment that day it was just me and my dad. My dad and I have very similar tastes and have the same pace when it comes to shopping, so he has been my go to shopping buddy for a long time. I also love that he is super honest when I ask him how something looks on me. Continue reading