Minor victories

When I was getting on the scales this morning I was expecting a small loss. I had been exercising quite a bit this week and had been mindful of what I ate. Imagine my surprise when the scales indicated that I weighed 67,0 kg. A 0,3 kg (or 0,6 lbs) gain compared to last week!

I was trying to analyze where I had gone wrong. Maybe I didn’t watch my food as well as I thought I did? Could I be retaining water? I eventually shrugged, sat down on my couch and had my coffee. I was still not going to let it ruin my day. Better luck next week.

After browsing on my phone for a bit I decided to get up and do my Yoga. After all it is my day of, so that means approx. 30 minutes of Yoga. In turned on my Daily Yoga app (review coming soon) and started doing the exercises. Now, somewhere at the 20 minute point the app asked me to do a tree pose. Now I have been able to do a modified tree pose, which looks like this: Continue reading


First goal of 2017 met?!

So the first week of the new year has ended… And I am pretty sure you are all curious to read if I stuck to my guns with regard to my diet. Did I stick to that new year’s resolution and loose a part of the weight I gained? Or did I fail miserably and succumb to the temptation of chocolate and biscuits?

how to draw a surprised faceWell my dear readers I can honestly say that I have lost all of the weight I have gained over Christmas and New Year’s… In one week o.o… Yeah… I did that. Honestly, I did not expect it to go this fast. I was fully prepared to have to struggle for three whole weeks to get this weight off again, as it usually takes me that long to get off weight I gained. So, needless to say, I nearly fell of the scales this morning when I read that I was back to 66,7 kg (147 lbs). For reference, last Sunday (the day after New Year’s Eve) I weighted 68,2 kg (or 150 lbs). Meaning I have lost -1,5 kg (or 3 lbs) in on week.

So New Year’s resolution number 1: CHECK! Continue reading

2017: goals and expectations

As promised, I will be entirely dedicating this blog post to my goals and resolutions for 2017. Just to keep everything nice and tidy, I have decided to divide this post up like the one in which I reflected on 2016.


Well my first goal for this year is to loose the weight I gained during Christmas and New Years. I really decided to just let myself go, and deal with the aftermath once the holidays were over. And as today is January first I have immediately started to watch what I am eating even though my fiancé has really been tempting me with lots of yummy, not so healthy food haha.

Once I have accomplished this, I intend to maintain this weight for the rest of the year. Now, I know from previous attempts that this is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I have never been this determined to keep off weight before. So yes, I really, actually think that I have got this! 😀

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Exercise Continue reading

Weight-loss update: You win some you lose some

Well I thought it was about time for a weight-loss update… Unfortunately, it will be a bit of a walk of shame though. Gasp! I am not infallible! 😛 I am forcing myself to write it all down, so I will not be inclined to do this again. ^__^” So prepare yourself.

reality2I would love to say that I have not touched a piece of chocolate, a slice of pizza or a fry since the last update, but if I did I would be lying. Truthfully, my eating has been all over the place. As you could read in my previous post I have been battling deadlines and a throat infection… So during that week I basically ate everything sweet or savoury that I could get my hands on just to keep myself going. This included, among others, custard as it was cold and liquid (as I don’t like yogurt I didn’t really have any other options). Well it will be no surprise that as a result of eating all that crap + not moving much due to sickness, I gained weight. 1,2 kilo’s (or 2,6 lbs) to be precise ^__^”.

8832cf4367531fb945b6c68b072b9e3dThe week after wasn’t much better food wise. This was partially because the week was insanely busy, I was still recovering from a throat infection which has now turned into a sinus infection (-__- really?) and it was also hell week! All in one! Yeay! Continue reading

Week 14: size 38. Wait? Whut?!

strange-people-quotes-weight-loss_1As my pants were getting way to big for me and the belt I bought a month ago wasn’t really helping any more either, I decided it was high time to buy some new jeans on Saturday. Previously I had a EU size 42 (which is size 14 in the UK or 10 in the US ), and as I was pretty convinced I had only dropped one dress size, I reached out for a size 40 (12 UK or 8 US). As I put it on I was literally puzzled for a moment why it didn’t fit properly. Somehow it felt like it was slipping off my but a little bit. Was it too small then? It honestly took me a moment to realize that the pants were actually to big. I had too much space around the tummy area, which caused the jeans to slip down a little when I moved. Honestly, I was unsure what to do for a moment.

Was I really going to have to grab a size 38 (10 UK or 6 US)? There was no way in hell that was going to fit me. But, the size I currently had on was clearly to big. So there really was nothing for it, but to try a size 38. In my mind size 38 had always been for the skinny girls among us and I honestly couldn’t imagine myself ever getting to that size. The more so because I have pretty wide hips and a generous bosom. Continue reading

3 month’s in: Close to goal! Should I set a new one?

wpid-il_fullxfull-380860423_cr4kWell it has been three months since I have started my journey and blog.. And I am so, so, so close to the goal! This morning the goal indicated 68,2 kg (150.35 lbs)! So a 0,5 kg (1,1 lbs) loss, which means I have just -0,2 kg  (o,4 lbs) to go to the goal I set myself. I am sooo going to crush that next week! I have not been 68 kg in 10 years so I am really pleased with myself on this point.

So what I am going to do once I have reached the goal? To be honest, I have been considering continuing for a bit more. Continue reading

Week 11: To sleep perchance to dream

Dear readers,

Apologies in being a little late with this blogpost, but last week was a rather busy week.

Last week on Tuesday I stayed at the hospital for one night so they could research my sleeping habits. If I remember correctly, I had about 25 electrodes on my head alone to track my brain activity. They also tracked my breathing through some kind of tubes which were applied underneath my nose (and which annoyed the living hell out of me). And applied some more electrodes to my arms and legs to track my body movement during sleep.

The doctor who was in charge of covering me with adhesive clay, glue,  plasters and electrodes informed me that I was the only one who was getting the full treatment that night. Apparently, my doctor really wanted to measure anything and everything that happened during my sleep, so she just gave the order to stick everything on that could be stuck on. It took the doctor who assisted me that evening about an hour to stick everything on. And you know what? I was 100% ok with that! That meant that there was a bigger chance of them finding anything. And was also an indication that I was actually being taken seriously. Whoot!  Continue reading

Week 10: July, the month that keeps on giving

3485297_1394970011324-57res_500_281I am not sure what I have done to deserve this, but July is the month that keeps on giving. I have some really exciting news to share with you this week, lovely readers! But more on that later!

As always I will first give you guys a little weight update. This morning I had another of those “is this thing working properly?” moments when I was standing on the scale. After only a small loss last week, I have lost a mindboggling 1,1 kilo’s (2,4 lbs) this week! So I am 68,7 now (151,45 lbs)! Only 0,7 kilo’s (1,5 lbs) to go and I will be at my goal weight! WHOOT!

I have no idea how this happened though. Although I have been getting most of my exercise in, I have had to stop my yoga practice for four days now, as it is simply too warm in the house. I am really sensitive to heat, so it is not possible for me to exercise when the room’s temperature is 26,5 degrees Celsius (around 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Moreover, I even had a cheat day this Friday as it was extremely warm and I was simply too tired to even try and make an attempt at cooking. But hey, the body works in mysterious ways so I am definitely not going to complain!

I am, however, hoping it is going to cool down a bit soon, so I can start doing yoga again. I never thought I’d write this, but it is actually quite frustrating not being able to do it. Yes, readers; I miss yoga! O.o I miss my additional physical exercise (did hell just freeze over?!). So fingers crossed for cooler weather!

Now on to some (even) more exciting things. Continue reading

Week 9: Cravings galore!

Apart from getting the promotion and signing up for a trial lesson in tap dancing, which I wrote about in my previous blogpost, this week has been rather uneventful. I did walk a lot though, as my fiancé dragged me out twice during the evening to catch Pokémon hahah. This meant that on Saturday I did over 17000 steps… Yep that’s a lot of steps. Because we did the walking late in the evening I decided to skip Yoga on both days. I was pretty bummed out about it though, so I am planning on doing the Yoga before we head out next time.

The additional walking did not result in a massive loss, however. The scales only indicated -0,2 kilo’s (or -0,4 lbs) this morning. I have myself to blame for that though. A few days before the commencement of my monthly week of hell I am usually tortured by cravings. Well this time they were insufferable, and I succumbed to them a little. Even though I never went above my calorie allowance, I did eat more cheese than I am wont… And for some reason my body is pretty unforgiving when it comes to cheese.

Saturday was a particularly bad day, craving wise. As we were walking through the supermarket to get our weekly groceries, I was trying my hardest not to put anything crisp or chocolate related in the cart… And believe me, this is HARD when you have another version of you screaming at you that it wants the most delicious and succulent things which are really, really bad for you because they contain tons of sugar, or fat (or worse: both). And that she wants tons of it to boot.

cookie-monster-decoding-your-cravings-e1413202540304Apparently I wasn’t the only one having cravings though, as my fiancé put 3 different varieties of chocolate covered biscuits in the cart… In the end, I ended up eating two regular sized chocolate chip cookies that day. And two tortillas with cheese ^__^”. Because of the insane amount of walking we did that day I was still under my calorie deficit, but they were anything but healthy choices. And this of course showed on the scales the next day.

On the upside though, the cookies and cheese seem to have put an end to my cravings (whoot!). Which is probably a good thing considering that I currently have access to three varieties of scrumptious biscuits which have been smothered in chocolate….

So yes, I had some ups and downs this week. But we live and we learn. There’s no use crying over spilled milk (or cheese in this case 😉 ), so I am just going to continue to try to make the healthiest decisions I can. How was your week?

Weeks 7+8: Jumping off and on the bandwagon

Apologies for the lack of blog posts these past two weeks, but life got the better of me. The coming weeks seem to be a bit calmer, so please expect one or two blog posts a week again.

As I wrote in my previous blog post a friend from England was coming overaised_chocolater to visit us. I honestly was a little scared of what was going to happen to my diet, as we usually tend to eat pretty bad food when he comes over… So I have a confession to make: I deliberately jumped off the healthy eating/ dieting bandwagon for a couple of days. I decided I was just going to go with the flow and take this opportunity to settle the score with the cravings I had been having. within the span of a few days I ended up eating some crisps, two small chocolate covered donuts, about 3 or 4 chocolate covered profiteroles (or cream puffs), a divine tosti with melted brie, honey and pecan nuts… and yes meat fondue. The much, much dreaded meat fondue (of which I ate waaayy too much ahaha). Continue reading