Anti-inflammatory diet: 2 weeks in

Well it sure has been an interesting two weeks. Being on this anti-inflammatory diet has forced me out of my comfort zone and to try new dishes and to cook with ingredients and spices that I have never used before myself (including tofu, almond flour and turmeric). Unfortunately, it also forced me to deal with some withdrawal symptoms.

70106a5c90dfb4c97ff20d9c0d712b9cWhen I decided to cut gluten, dairy and meat from my diet, I was not really prepared for the withdrawal symptoms that go with it. Last weekend I had a significant drop in energy levels. On Sunday I was particularly drained and had to deal with dizziness on top of one of my morning colds.

I got through Monday alright, but felt less energetic on Tuesday. You may or may not have heard of Vegan detox or paleo flu, but what basically happens is that you get full blow flu symptoms whilst your body is trying to cope with your new eating pattern. Well I was coping with this flu on Tuesday. It did not stop me from opening my home to my lovely niece and her daughter and husband though. I had not seen them for about 2 years so it was really nice to see them and chat with them, despite not feeling too great.

Thankfully, on Wednesday evening things started to look up and I have been slowly but surely regaining some of my energy. Today has been an “ok” energy wise, though I have been seriously hungry. I decided to give in to that hunger and just have healthy, nutritious foods. Apparently, my body needs them.

So how has it been to stick to such a restrictive diet? Well, honestly, I was expecting it to be a lot harder. I thought I was going to really miss meat and bread and that I would have massive cravings for those… But I honestly don’t really miss them. It is probably because I am eating tofu everyday, which has a bit of a meaty texture, as well as fish 3 times a week. Also, I suppose still using some eggs in dishes does help, though I am actually considering cutting that out, as I am perfectly capable of getting my proteins out of other sources.

Cookie_monsterDoes that mean I have stuck to the diet completely for these two weeks? … Nope… I am not going to lie… I did cheat on Monday evening, when we had pasta with cheese, and on Tuesday when I had some very sugary cookies cause I felt like crap. Now, eating the cookies made me realize something: I don’t crave them if I don’t eat them. If I eat one cookie I am bound to go back for more (a lot more). If I don’t have the cookie it is much easier to resist them. So, lesson learned: I will be avoiding cookies for a while.

Tomorrow I am going to have my first real test out in the wild though. We are meeting up with a really good friend from England, his brother and his brother’s boyfriend as well as two friends of theirs. We are going to show them around Amsterdam and then take them out to dinner. Thankfully, I am allowed to have fish, so I should be able to find something in pretty much every restaurant.

One fun side affect of this diet is that it is helping me to loose weight again. Whilst drinking the Herbalife shakes I have been hovering between 68,3 and 68 kilo’s (or around the 150 lbs). Probably because of the 250 ml of cow milk that was recommended to blend them with. After two weeks of the anti-inflammatory diet I have dropped to 67,1 kg (or 147,9 lbs). I am really happy with this, because ideally I like to be between 66 kg and 67 (147,7 and 145,5 lbs).

However, considering I lost the weight within 2 weeks whilst not getting in nearly as much exercise as I usually do, I have to keep an eye out that I don’t loose too much weight….. A thought which is pretty, darn bizarre to me. I have only ever had to look out for gaining weight and getting too fat, never for loosing too much weight and getting too slim. So yes, that is somewhat of a luxury problem that is going to take some getting used to.

cronometerFor those of you wondering if I am getting enough nutrients, don’t worry! I have registered with a website called which allows me to track my calories, macro and micro nutrients as well as my vitamins. I also made sure to buy some vitamin B supplements, as this is generally recommended for people who go (semi-)vegan. Hey, what can I say? I like to be prepared (*cough* control freak *cough*).

In the coming week I hope to share some of my newly discovered recipes with you. The majority of which will actually be vegan and super healthy…. Whilst I type this I cannot help but think to myself: “good lord, I have turned into a woman who runs, shares vegan recipes and is scared of loosing too much weight”. Three things I literally never thought I’d ever, in a million years, would find myself doing.

I used to hate running (… a lot… as in with a passion), and now I am legitimately bummed out that my body won’t allow me to do it. And I was convinced I would never, ever stop eating meat. I even told my best friend, who has been a vegetarian for years, that I would not be able to follow her example, because I loved meat too much… and yet here I am meatless for two weeks and not missing it one bit. Granted I am eating fish, but so are a lot of other vegetarians (including my best friend). And I just promised you guys I will be sharing not just meatless, but even vegan recipes with you. Who is this woman?

Well, whilst I try to figure out my new found love for running and super foods, I hope you enjoy being on this journey with me. Comment if you have any questions about the diet or if you have suggestions for delicious vegan recipes!


5 thoughts on “Anti-inflammatory diet: 2 weeks in

  1. Well done on (very nearly) sticking to it despite the withdrawals!

    Some years ago when I did the Cambridge diet (completely meal replacements) I had a similar hurdle to get over – although it wasn’t quite the flu. It was sort of like my body completely re-ordering it’s priorities and it was a pretty tough week.

    Oddly though once this happened I was fine and didn’t eat solid food for quite a while.

    I guess the reason hitman beings have proliferated so much throughout history is we can eat pretty much anything to survive!

    Worth bearing in mind when staring at the cookie jar. Sugar is a drug and its evil! šŸ‘æ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it was pretty tough, but indeed I seem to have had the worst of it now. So I look forward to picking up running again coming week.
      Haha indeed: sugar = evil, when it doesn’t come from a natural source. We actually usually don’t buy cookies, but we bought them because we had visitors coming over. šŸ™‚ Next time I will just give the cookies to them to take with them haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yea yea. Heard all the excuses now šŸ˜

        ‘I don’t know where the cookies came from officer!’



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