Shake it!

Today is the fourth day of the Herbalife trail week, so it is high time I give you guys a bit of an update. I had started to write this post on day three, but was so busy that day that I did not get round to finishing and posting it. Needless to say, a post will follow on a later date about what I was so busy with (yes, that is a teaser :P).

I had my first shake on Sunday and I have to admit it took some getting used to. As I opened the package I decided to sniff it to see what it smelled like and was greeted by a very, very intense, sweet, vanilla smell. I added 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk, shook the contents in my brand new shaker cup and tasted. Yep, it tasted about as sweet and vanilla-y as it smelled…. Quite frankly, my first thought was: “If I am sticking with this, I sure as hell am switching to chocolate flavour!” It certainly wasn’t horrible, but not really my thing.

I congratulated myself on having made the decision to try this out on Sunday morning at around 10, rather than on Monday at 6.30. I don’t think the sweet drink would have gone down quite so well at 6.30.

So on the next day, Monday, I made my shake and was fully prepared to have a bit of a struggle to guzzle the shake down. But… surprise, surprise! It did not seem quite as sweet as it did the previous day! Actually… Could it be? Was it actually enjoyable? Yes, it was. For some reason the taste seemed a bit milder now that I knew what to expect.

When I had my third shake yesterday morning I actually caught myself thinking: “Not bad at all. I could get used to this”. Queue the clichΓ© “I’m drinking a shake!” selfie :P.


Please ignore my hair: I got out of the shower, so my hair is still a bit wet.

Oddly enough one of my cats seems to really enjoy the smell of the vanilla and has been stalking me around the house whilst I am drinking it. Just before I took the picture below, she had been miauwing incessantly, until I allowed her to sniff the cup haha. So, I guess the shakes are Pancake approved ;).


And of course, just when I took the picture she decided to instead sniff my freshly washed hair… cats…

I am really pleasantly surprised by how filling these shakes are. They keep me filled for about 2,5-3 hours,Β  which is much better than I expected. Moreover, because I mix the Formula 1 mix with semi-skimmed milk, the shake is quite thick. As a result, I actually have the feeling that I am having something with a bit of substance in the morning.

Energy wise, the jury is still out. I have had a couple of really busy days, so I am feeling quite tired today. HOWEVER, I was actually expecting to fully crash and burn today (you know the ‘I am so tired, I will just lay on the couch all day and do nothing’ type), and that has not happened. I did not have to snooze my alarm clock so I could get another 30 mins. in, and I did not feel incapable of doing anything today. So far I have done Yoga, got showered and am about to finish up this blog, and it’s 11 am! Also my head seems fairly clear, so I hope I can get some writing done for my PhD.

I am not quite sure whether or not this is the influence of the shake or if something else is causing this though. But it does make me eager to see where Herbalife can take me.

I literally just got of a call with Kim and have decided to try it out for a whole month. So, I will keep you guys posted on how it goes and where it takes me.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer them as best I can.


8 thoughts on “Shake it!

  1. If my experiences with the Cambridge Diet are anything to go by after the first 7 days you’ll feel awesome. Some doing the same diet felt regularly ill mind you so it’s clearly an individual thing.

    Fingers crossed you get the benefits though. I can’t imagine coping the way you do with such a continual lack of sleep 😴

    You’re my hero lol! X

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    • Awwwhh thanks dear! I really hope it works as well. I just had my last appointment at the sleep shrink as she did all she could do for me. πŸ™‚ So I am hoping I can get some additional results via Herbalife. What made you stop Cambridge?

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      • A number of things. I was very successful with weight loss – I dropped around 9-10stone (I don’t know exactly because I refused to weigh myself at the start) but then a combination of falling down on the mental battle (convincing myself I wasn’t ‘worth’ it for some reason) and drifting back into socially drinking and old eating habits (which had never changed, they’d just been hidden by soups and shakes).

        I tried half heartedly a second time and then just completely gave up. It took me only 9 months to put it all back on!

        Yours is totally different though and you’re doing things in a much different order to me for entirely separate motivations which is why I think you will have positive results.

        Listen to your body though. If you’re feeling unwell by the middle of the second week in my experience it’s highly unlikely this is the thing for you.

        Oh – and one other thing – if you’re going to do it long term learn to like multiple flavours EARLY ON. It’s easy to get hooked on just one – but then if they stop doing that flavour you’re up the creek without a paddle. This was another reason I faltered. X

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      • Thanks for explaining. Yeah I can totally see that it would not be beneficial to do the diet without actually changing your eating habits. I don’t think I would have been able to cope if I had to do a shake for lunch as well though. I am using the vanilla flavour which is basically their core one, so I think I am safe πŸ˜‰

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