Minor victories

When I was getting on the scales this morning I was expecting a small loss. I had been exercising quite a bit this week and had been mindful of what I ate. Imagine my surprise when the scales indicated that I weighed 67,0 kg. A 0,3 kg (or 0,6 lbs) gain compared to last week!

I was trying to analyze where I had gone wrong. Maybe I didn’t watch my food as well as I thought I did? Could I be retaining water? I eventually shrugged, sat down on my couch and had my coffee. I was still not going to let it ruin my day. Better luck next week.

After browsing on my phone for a bit I decided to get up and do my Yoga. After all it is my day of, so that means approx. 30 minutes of Yoga. In turned on my Daily Yoga app (review coming soon) and started doing the exercises. Now, somewhere at the 20 minute point the app asked me to do a tree pose. Now I have been able to do a modified tree pose, which looks like this:


Pretty simple right? Just a matter of keeping your balance.

Now an unmodified tree pose is a whole different ballgame.It looks like this:


So not only do you have to keep your balance, but you also have to place your foot just below your groin and somehow manage to keep it there. Previously, I was never able to hold this pose, because my leg just slipped down my thigh. I didn’t have enough strength to keep my leg up, nor did my foot have enough muscle to lean against so it could keep itself in place.

But not this time! HA! As I placed my foot in position and placed my hands above my head I suddenly noticed something: my foot was leaning against something which felt sort of hard and sturdy… Yep! MUSCLES! Suddenly everything clicked in my mind. I know from experience that I gain muscle really quickly in my thighs. And with the yoga I have been doing, tap dancing AND the additional swimming this week, it would make sense that I now have more muscles in my thighs. So that also explained the weight gain: I have not gained fat, but flipping muscle!

I successfully able to hold the tree pose on both legs today for the very first time! πŸ˜€ Minor victories for the win!

And this is why I love doing yoga so much. It really helps me on the body positive front, as I really notice the changes my body has gone through whilst doing the poses. For example, I notice that my hands and fingers have gotten slimmer, my belly is more tight or that my thighs are a lot smaller than they used to be. So far, Yoga has been the most effective way of changing the way I see myself and to learn to appreciate my body more. This is not to say I excel at all the poses I do: oh hell no. More often than not I feel like an inflexible wooden board haha.

Being able to do a tree pose sure has made me excited to keep going this week. Although I won’t be going to tap dance on Tuesday, as I will be going to a nice restaurant with my fiancΓ© to celebrate our 6 year anniversary, I do plan on doing a different work-out that day. The day after I have scheduled another round of swimming with my best friend. I am really looking forward to this. It just feels so good to be swimming again!

So what about you dear readers? Have you got anything planned for this week?



15 thoughts on “Minor victories

  1. Minor wins are how you win a war, no? It’s awesome for you that you managed to pull off that the tree pose without a hitch; inspiring. It seems I was not the only one with a surprising victory this morning!

    As for my week plans: studying for the exams while minding what I eat so that I don’t gain anymore weight as is the plan for the entire month January. January is my prep month as in I am trying to formulate a delicious meal plan that will not only taste great, but also help me lose weight without feeling as a diet. Difficult, but I am managing, though not the exams. 😦

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    • πŸ˜€ Congrats on your loss (yes I just popped over to your website to have a look). Sounds like you are doing really well with your resolutions.
      I know how stressful it can be to study for exams and to try to eat healthy. I myself gained a lot of weight during my Bachelor and Masters. So I really wish you the best of luck. πŸ˜€ I am sure you can do it though since you managed to loose weight this week! Keep up the good work, because yes: planning is key!

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  2. Well I for one am impressed. The only tree pose that I can do is the ‘recently felled’ one – and it usually involves snoring for around 8 hours overnight. It’s complex and demanding but I’m willing to share the secrets of its mastery… for a price!

    I have been (very abstractly) considering yoga myself lately. There’s a cafe and studio nearby that always makes me stroke my hairy chin in contemplation as I walk past…

    Finally I’m glad you managed to find the positives – it’s so important to be focused on more than just numbers πŸ‘πŸ½

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