First goal of 2017 met?!

So the first week of the new year has ended… And I am pretty sure you are all curious to read if I stuck to my guns with regard to my diet. Did I stick to that new year’s resolution and loose a part of the weight I gained? Or did I fail miserably and succumb to the temptation of chocolate and biscuits?

how to draw a surprised faceWell my dear readers I can honestly say that I have lost all of the weight I have gained over Christmas and New Year’s… In one week o.o… Yeah… I did that. Honestly, I did not expect it to go this fast. I was fully prepared to have to struggle for three whole weeks to get this weight off again, as it usually takes me that long to get off weight I gained. So, needless to say, I nearly fell of the scales this morning when I read that I was back to 66,7 kg (147 lbs). For reference, last Sunday (the day after New Year’s Eve) I weighted 68,2 kg (or 150 lbs). Meaning I have lost -1,5 kg (or 3 lbs) in on week.

So New Year’s resolution number 1: CHECK!

So what did my week actually look like with regards to eating? Well, I have to admit that I struggled slightly on Monday to jump back on the normal portions and healthy food bandwagon again. Honestly, my body seemed to be a freaking bottomless pit. I had to actually buy a bun (with ham <– I tried) on my way home from work, because I felt like I was so hungry that I was going to pass out o.o. Then whilst prepping dinner I ate some cookies… and after dinner downed quite a few crisps… So yes, Monday: not so great. I think this might have had to do a lot with this being the first real day of hell week though.

Tuesday a lot less crazy… Though that chocolate truffle cake which my best friend brought over didn’t really help haha. She came over with her boyfriend, who I had not met yet (and who is a really nice guy), to celebrate the start of a New Year. Although I only drank tea (without sugar or honey) on the side, the tart nevertheless had a fair amount of calories in it. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem as I have tap dance class on Tuesday. However, as it was still the Christmas holidays over here, class was cancelled. So instead, I decided to try and work off the cake by turning on the Wii for a workout.

Unfortunately, though I had sort of forgotten that it was still hell week… So after about 30 minutes and only burning around 200 cals (if that), I had to give up. My body was not having it. That being said though, I nevertheless gave myself kudos for trying. I had done my Yoga for that day as well, so still got more exercise in than if I had been a cake eating couch potatoe all day. I also made sure I still burned more calories than I ate that day by watching what I put in my mouth that day.

On Wednesday I only ate healthy food and normal portions and did a Yoga session and a very decent Just Dance work-out. My body seemed to be slowly waking up from the hell week imposed lethargy that  I struggled with the day before, and the food cravings were at an end (halleluiah).

Thursdays and Fridays were easier (as they usually are), because I had to work on those days. I  usually don’t get the chance to snack whilst I am at work, so it’s all good. I did have a slightly calorie heavy mean on Friday (one might call it a cheat day), but it did not contain enough calories do really do a lot of damage.

Saturday  I did a 45-50 minute workout, because my Daily Yoga app for some reason had not registered my work-out from Wednesday. This is by far the longest Yoga session that I have ever done, but I felt pretty good afterwards. As we also went grocery shopping and walked about 5 kilometres, I was pretty sure that the scales were going to smile at me on Sunday. But never imagined they would freaking grin as much as they did this morning.

Next week I am going to continue to stick with eating healthy food. The fact that we have very little to snack on in the house (the fiancé and I went for the: if it’s not in the house we can’t eat it approach) will make this a lot easier I am sure haha. I will also be getting a whole lot of exercise in, as tap dance class will be starting again and I have scheduled to meet up with my best friend to go swimming. So I am really curious to see what next week will bring.

How are your resolutions going so far?



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