Sinterklaas, planning and the land of deadlines

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I have ventured into the land of deadlines where there apparently is very little time for blog posts haha. As I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts I have quite a load on my plate and am typing this blog whilst taking a break from editing a dissertation chapter…. which I kind of need to finish tonight.

Editing is not going exceedingly well as I am still struggling with a very stubborn throat infection. Although I am doing better than 2 days ago, when I had to call in sick at work, my concentration is still not all that I would like it to be. But it will have do to.


Yep, that’s me

I probably contracted the bug doing something I absolutely love. Every year at the end of November I help out at the Sinterklaas party at work. For my non-Dutch readers: Sinterklaas is a holiday where we celebrate the kindness shown by Saint Nikolaas who gave presents to the poor. Kids traditionally place their shoe in front of the fire place, which are filled by his helpers, who are called Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes), who are black. Now Zwarte Piet is currently causing a big controversy in Holland as it is being associated with black face and is perceived as a caricature. I myself, however, was taught that the original Zwarte Pieten were  Ethiopian slaves whom Sinterklaas freed and who decided to assist him to show him their gratitude. As such, I have never seen this as a caricature or so. However, as I do understand the concerns raised, I did raise the question at work if we needed to go with a Roet Piet (Soot Pete) instead, which basically means you have some black smears on your face to indicate that you have been going down the chimney (which is how they deliver the packages to children). Thus avoiding all black face associations.  However, my work decided to go for the fashioned Zwarte Piet look.

I kind of like how I look as Zwarte Piet, so I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone. Rather than feeling like I portray a caricature, it just feels like a more spontaneous version of me, who looks a lot better in a slightly short skirt than she expected and who is good with kids for some reason haha.

Seriously though, seeing the reactions of kids when you are Zwarte Piet is the best thing in the world. They just light up when you talk to them. One particularly adorable child even gave me a hug <3.

Last Thursday I celebrated Sinterklaas at home with my parents and fiancé (they came to visit us) and we had a lovely time as always, even though I felt horrible because I as sick lol. As a present I got a nifty new planner to help me keep track of all my (many, many, oh gosh why are there so many) deadlines.


Look at the pretty Happy Planner! On the left were the stickers that just happened to arrive the same day, which I will be using to decorate my planner 😀

As I was still feeling really bad on Friday I spent part of the day just decorating the planner, as this didn’t require much brain activity lol. I did promise waaaayyy back that I would share some of my planner decorations, so here is what the upcoming week looks like. And as a bonus you guys get so see my crazily busy schedule for that week:


As you see Friday is left empty as I am as yet unsure what kind of state I am going to be in after working four days straight o.o… Wish me luck.

So it’s about time I get back to my dissertation chapter, which really needs some tlc. I hope you all had a really good couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “Sinterklaas, planning and the land of deadlines

  1. I love the planner and the stickers lol – you must spend almost as much time planning the planner as planning the items in the planner? Or is that the plan? If that wasn’t the plan then it can’t be going to plan. If it is going to plan then it’s proof that planning a planner helps you plan.

    If ONLY you were organised lol

    Funny selfie too 😊


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