Week 13: Goal met!

anime-peace-signWell I didn’t exactly crush my goal as I had intended, but I did make it! 🙂 Sunday morning I was exactly 68kg (149.9 lbs or 10.7 st). I am pretty stoked, as I have not been this weight in 10 (?!) years!

In my previous blogpost I wrote that I wasn’t entirely sure whether or not I was going to set myself another goal. In reply to my questions what other people’s thoughts were on this a number of my lovely readers (you know who you are) advised me to pick a different, non weight-loss related goal instead.

I looked at some examples of fitness goals, but am hesitant to set any of them as I am currently afraid that will be overworking my body. I am still greatly struggling with fatigue issues (which has even forced me not to do Yoga for a couple of days). As I will be taking tap-dancing lessons starting next week, I think it would be a bad idea to set another fitness goal for now.

There is, however, one goal that has been on my mind for a while. A fellow blogger, Daveywankenobie (check him out, he is a really good writer) who is also struggling to build his self-confidence, started to post selfies of himself. I really, really dislike having my picture taken so I have decided that this would be a really good way of getting used to seeing myself in pictures. So I will be setting that as my goal: take pictures and selfies and share them! This will, however, have to wait until I have my new phone (which will be soon), as the camera on my current one is pretty bad.

I have also decided that I am going to stick to this eating pattern for now, which may mean I will lose some more weight. The goal ultimate goal, after all, is a healthy lifestyle, so that is what I am going to keep working towards.



8 thoughts on “Week 13: Goal met!

  1. Congratulations on meeting you goal! That is awesome. I’m looking forward to hearing the progress on your tap dancing fun! Keeping the goal to maintain your healthy eating as a lifestyle is also good to hear, as it definitely takes focus to continue to make better choices.

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