3 month’s in: Close to goal! Should I set a new one?

wpid-il_fullxfull-380860423_cr4kWell it has been three months since I have started my journey and blog.. And I am so, so, so close to the goal! This morning the goal indicated 68,2 kg (150.35 lbs)! So a 0,5 kg (1,1 lbs) loss, which means I have just -0,2 kg  (o,4 lbs) to go to the goal I set myself. I am sooo going to crush that next week! I have not been 68 kg in 10 years so I am really pleased with myself on this point.

So what I am going to do once I have reached the goal? To be honest, I have been considering continuing for a bit more. Although I am creating a caloric deficit, I am definitely not starving myself and I am making sure I get all my nutrients in (through food, not supplements). As I am eating really healthily I am feeling really good and don’t have the feeling that I need to start eating more (trust me: I eat quite a lot already).  Moreover, I have yet to reach a plateau, which to me seems like an indication that I have yet to reach the weight that is currently ideal for my body. If I take the predictions of myfitnesspal into account, I should probably stabilize at around 66 kg. So I am really tempted to aim for that.

I think some of my readers might potentially worry whilst reading this, so let me reassure you: no I am not getting into the territory of super strict, binge inducing dieting. I am definitely not so obsessed with my weight that I don’t allow myself a little something once in a while (*cough* crisps *cough*). Also, I will get into serious trouble with the fiancé if I lose too much weights. 😉 He likes the curves, and frankly: so do I haha.

So readers, any advice or input on this? How did you determine your ideal weight?


8 thoughts on “3 month’s in: Close to goal! Should I set a new one?

  1. Wow, great job!! I’m really proud of you:). I’ve been the same weight for years and even though I’ve never been overweight, I’ve been unhappy with how I felt for quite some time. Half a year ago I started to lose weight (up to 6kg) due to stress and healthier foods and then gained some again. Now I’m 3kg lighter than I’ve been the past 7 years and I feel sooo much better and more confident. So I don’t think it matters how much weight you lose or how much you think you should weigh. As long as you’re healthy and happy (and not hungry) you can be confident about your weight. Good look on continouing your journey, whichever road you take! Xxx

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  2. Well ultimately you seem very well adjusted about your weight and know how far is too far, so I doubt you’ll become anorexic over night. Go for what you feel happy at.

    However – maybe the goal should now instead be something fitness based? Have you anything that you’d like to accomplish?

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    • Thankfully anorexia would not be a thing for me. I love food and I hate puking so I am 100% sure that that’s never going to happen.
      Hmm… To be honest it is kind of hard to set a definite fitness goal as I still have the sleeping disorder. As a result, I have to be really careful not to over exert myself. But, I would like for my workouts to be easier? Not really a goal is it? haha

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      • When you get the results in a month and they fix whatever it is, maybe THEN you can run up a mountain?

        In the meantime you could get into tantric cake baking. You cook it REEEEEALY slow, defer all pleasure and then don’t eat it.

        Sting swears by tantric cakes. Or something.

        And rain forests.

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      • hahah! I am a better cook than a baker, so if I make the cake it’s probably for the best that I don’t eat it.
        And yes I really hope to be able to get loads of energy back and maybe get back into swimming as well. Or do something crazy and go to the gym XD.

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  3. That is awesome! Congratulations, you are very close! I agree with Davey, maybe set another goal that is not weight based, but something you can work towards.

    LOL @ the tantric cake baking. I picture the people from the Great British Baking show when they are squatting in front of the little ovens waiting for their cakes to bake. I never see them enjoy their own cakes either!

    For goals, I have them in 3 settings. I keep setting small ones for a month at a time, and then mid-term goals in 3 months, and then my long term goal. My overall transformation is going to take about 14-18 months. Last time I lost a significant amount of weight was 70 pounds (5 stone?), back when I was a late teen almost adult. It was a heck of a lot easier back then! My long term current goal is to get back within 20 pounds of that weight. I was 150 pounds then, and I think I’d like to achieve between 150 to 170 pounds as my long term goal.

    I think a range is healthy to choose so that you can consider how you feel when you are close to it, as you are now! I was so happy to see the post this morning and very happy to hear your success!

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    • Awwhh thank you so much. I will definitely think about a non-weight related goal that I can set myself. Let’s see if I can come up with a good one by Wednesday or at least next week Sunday.

      Sounds like a really good system you have going there. The 70 pounds loss is seriously amazing! I am sure you will be able to lose those pounds again. Keep up the good work 😀

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