Week 11: To sleep perchance to dream

Dear readers,

Apologies in being a little late with this blogpost, but last week was a rather busy week.

Last week on Tuesday I stayed at the hospital for one night so they could research my sleeping habits. If I remember correctly, I had about 25 electrodes on my head alone to track my brain activity. They also tracked my breathing through some kind of tubes which were applied underneath my nose (and which annoyed the living hell out of me). And applied some more electrodes to my arms and legs to track my body movement during sleep.

The doctor who was in charge of covering me with adhesive clay, glue,  plasters and electrodes informed me that I was the only one who was getting the full treatment that night. Apparently, my doctor really wanted to measure anything and everything that happened during my sleep, so she just gave the order to stick everything on that could be stuck on. It took the doctor who assisted me that evening about an hour to stick everything on. And you know what? I was 100% ok with that! That meant that there was a bigger chance of them finding anything. And was also an indication that I was actually being taken seriously. Whoot!  So ones the doctor was done with me, I was literally covered in plasters and electrodes. The wires connected to the electrodes were eventually tied together and placed within a protective piece of cloth. It was like I had one of those giant ponytail things from Avatar.

sleeplessNeedless to say, I did not sleep very well. I was in a strange environment, it was hot and the surprise mosquito hunt at 1 am really did not really help haha. But by some miracle I nevertheless managed to get the required 5 hours of sleep, so I won’t have to do it over again.

The next day I discovered that I am allergic to the plasters that they used. The result? I had to walk around town looking like I had war paint on my face, Indian style… Or had attempted to paint some countries flag on my face and hadn’t been able to get it off propperley afterwards. It was a little emberrassing, but I could also laugh about it. It did kind of hurt though, so I will be avoiding those plasters from now on haha.

The days after I was combatting some serious sleep deprivation, which eventually caused me to fall ill this Monday. Thankfully, it seems to have been a one day fatigue included flue, so I was back at work on Tuesday (yesterday).

mzk2Because of the fatigue I have not been eating as healthily as I could and should have. Fatigue really is my greatest pit fall. When I am exteremely tired I get hungry more easily and crave all the wrong things. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if the resolve to resist the cravings wouldn’t falter at the same time… So, hello pizza that didn’t taste that great, did not fill and definitely wasn’t worth the ton calories that it contained! The result was that I have not lost any weight this week. Thankfully I did not gain any either. Ah well, we stumble, fall and get back up again.

It did take me another day after the pizza before I could drag myself away from the cliff of failure and doom though, so I am not sure what the scales are going to say this coming Sunday. We shall see.

On the upside, the temperature has dropped dramatically, so I am really happy to be doing Yoga again every evening. Hopefully that will reduce the damage some more.


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